Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bad bee photos

Took some quick snaps of the variety of native bees visiting some flowering Angophora bakeri yesterday morning. Nothing I was really too proud of in the bunch, but I thought I'd share a few of the photos anyway. My main problems were lack of sharpness (too much sunlight - so the flash no longer froze the motion of the bees and camera shake) and lack of good poses (well that's what I get for spending so little time on the job).

The only IDs I'll attempt are:
No. 3: Lipotriches sp.
No. 4: Yellow-spot bee (family Colletidae, Amphylaeus, Hylaeus or Meroglossa sp.) plus one of the red bees, Lasioglossum sp. a Homalictus species, possibly H. brisbanensis.

Camera batteries are charged and I'll have another go when the weather fines up.

1 comment:

Snail said...

Pfft! Call those bad photos? Ha! Or do you mean the bees?

How do you manage to get the little beggars to stay on the flowers? Everytime I go near them they buzz off. (Except for the weeny ones.)