Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Assorted Simpson desert photos

I mentioned that I've done a bit of volunteer work in the Simpson recently - without further ado, here are a selection of photos. Remember to check out the rest of the album for any photos I've deemed less... publishable!

Varanus gilleni, Pygmy mulga monitor

Nephrurus laevis, Knob-tailed gecko

Ctenophorus nuchalis, Central netted dragon

Morethia ruficauda, Fire-tailed skink

Ctenotus pantherinus, Panther skink

Varanus brevicauda, Short-tailed pygmy monitor - smallest monitor in the world

Ctenophorus isolepis - Military dragon

Rhynchoedura ornata - Beaked Gecko

Ningaui rideii

Varanus gouldii, Gould's sand goanna


Varanus eremius, Spinifex goanna


Sand tracks - lizard

Tenebrionid & tracks

Moon and spnifex clump

Moonrise in the Gidgee

Monday, September 29, 2008

Strzelecki Gibber

Spent a bit of time out around Lyndhurst (the start of the Strzelecki track) in South Australia recently. Saw a couple of herps.

Sleepy lizard / Bobtail / Shingleback / Pine-cone lizard (Tiliqua rugosa)

Pebble-mimic dragon, Tympanocryptis sp.

Marbled Gecko, Christinus marmoratus.


I was recently lucky enough to visit Curracabundi National Park - located out past Gloucester near Nowendoc. The park has been acquired fairly recently, largely for its value as a stronghold for the endangered Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby. I was on a trip studying this species so got to get some great looks at them and spend some time observing and photographing a colony. As always there were lots of other interesting things to see.

N.B. I'm experimenting with a different system of posting images whereby I upload a picasa web album (in this case 17 images) and then embed a selection of the best photos in the blog post itself. Each image you see will link to the photo in the album, from where you can view the rest of the photos. I'm trying this out as a way of making more photos available for viewing - not just the best ones that I want to put in a post. Let me know if you like/dislike/have problems with the system.


Lace Monitor, Varanus varius - this big animal was causing some consternation amongst the rock wallabies.

Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby

Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies with pouch joey

Rock wallabies spend their days on rocky outcrops, often basking in the sun and squabbling over the best positions on the rocks. When evening comes the wallabies venture out from their refugia to feed.

Monkeycot Bluff & Barnard River

Egernia striolata living in the rocky crevices

Tongue Orchid, Dendrobium linguiforme

Tuesday, September 02, 2008