Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Assorted Simpson desert photos

I mentioned that I've done a bit of volunteer work in the Simpson recently - without further ado, here are a selection of photos. Remember to check out the rest of the album for any photos I've deemed less... publishable!

Varanus gilleni, Pygmy mulga monitor

Nephrurus laevis, Knob-tailed gecko

Ctenophorus nuchalis, Central netted dragon

Morethia ruficauda, Fire-tailed skink

Ctenotus pantherinus, Panther skink

Varanus brevicauda, Short-tailed pygmy monitor - smallest monitor in the world

Ctenophorus isolepis - Military dragon

Rhynchoedura ornata - Beaked Gecko

Ningaui rideii

Varanus gouldii, Gould's sand goanna


Varanus eremius, Spinifex goanna


Sand tracks - lizard

Tenebrionid & tracks

Moon and spnifex clump

Moonrise in the Gidgee


Denis Wilson said...

Great photographs o amazing creatures. It shows the desert belongs to the lizards, etc (well, the Scorpions might disagree).
I loved the Fire-tailed Skink. So dainty, and so beautiful.

Stewart Macdonald said...

Hi David,

Nice haul! Did you pit-trap all of these animals? You've got a typo in the label for your "Varanus gilleni, Spinifex goanna" - it should be Varanus eremius.


David Nelson said...

G'day Stewart,
Yep these were all pitfall trapped except for the isolepis and insects. Thanks for the correction, it's fixed now.

Gouldiae said...

Oooh David,
What a beautiful assortment. I'm with Denis, loved the Fire-tailed Skink.
PS: Been meaning to ask for some time now, do you mind if I link you on my blog?

Unknown said...

look like a whole lots of fun there...the heat ccan be a killer?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Love the variety in reptiles. Just so you know, the scorpion is a male Urodacus armatus.
And the mantid belongs to the genus "Archimantis", though I'm not sure which species it is.
- Ethan