Sunday, March 18, 2007

Random images...

Quiet Monday night here, thought I'd put some images up (I've been photographing some cool things up here, may as well share some shots).

That's the famous Litoria caerulea, the Green Treefrog. They're an animal of the forest around here, venturing out into flooded areas on forest margins to breed when it's really wet.

As the sun sets over Fogg Dam, a Pied Heron poses with its breeding-plumage-ponytails.

Well, they call them floodplains for a reason... you can see a couple of Jabiru on the edge of what used to be a road.

And here's a closer look at that Northern Territory icon, the Jabiru, or Black Necked Stork to some people (but it's not black at all!).

These guys are male Black Whip-snakes, fighting. It's a mating thing, I'm told; trying to tire the other guy out so he can't mate with a nearby female. Whip-snakes are frighteningly fast creatures.

More to come, eventually...


Lucky-1 said...

Oh that photo of the snake is just amazing.:)

Evan said...

Great photos! What species of frog have you seen whilst up there?

The Jabiru is cool, weird looking creatures.



Snail said...

And again the uni pr0n filter has prevented me from seeing images 3 and 5. I'll have to wait until I get home.

In the meantime, wot Evan said.

jj said...

glad you are going well..

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff David :)