Monday, January 28, 2008

Big, scary arthropods

Saw these two impressive creatures on the road last night.

Possibly this one could be called a bird-eating spider?

Scutigeromorph centipede:


Snail said...

I used to look after the Museum's pet Selenocosmia when I lived up north. It was a surprisingly fussy eater and would only feed on small frogs!

David Nelson said...

Selenocosmia hey? I'll have to remember that.

I have a snail photo for you, I shall email it.

David Nelson said...

Doesn't look like that genus occurs in the NT... link

David Nelson said...

I'm gunna tentatively call it a Selenotypus sp.

Snail said...

Selenocosmia ... Selenotypus ... they all look the same to me! Rob Raven at the QM will be able to give you a definitive answer.

Where's this snail pic, eh? I'm about to send you an email about something else.