Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miscellaneous update

Assuming there are still some people that either subscribe or occasionally check this blog for updates, I thought I'd provide a brief rundown of my activities recently.

Honours is all handed in and I'm awaiting my mark. My vague ambition for the next year or so is to see as much of Australia as possible (road trip!), do some volunteer work, and maybe think about what I want to do next (PhD? Work? Continue avoiding either?).

Since handing in I've been on some field trips - to the Simpson desert, the Warrumbungles and out to Wellington caves. I'll post some photos from the desert along with some comments in the near future.

I also have a backlog of photos (e.g. from the top end and some frogging trips here in Sydney) that I may get around to posting.


Snail said...

Looking forward to seeing your pics. Hurry up and post them, David!

Tim Douglas said...

Also looking forward to seeing your pics. Hurry up and post them, David!

Stewart Macdonald said...

Hi David,

I've just come across to your blog from Jack West's Esperance Blog. Were you in the Simpson Desert with Chris Dickman? Post some pics!


Geoff_D said...

David, if you decide to travel for a while, you are always welcome at Chez D when you pass through Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another milestone!
Better do the 'road trip' right now; with oil politics the way they are, you could meet a real Mad Max situation sooner than later.
Otherwise, decide on making a proper blackfella road trip ;-)

Whatever you choose for a PhD investigation, all the best for your academic and employment future.

from darky, ex-scribbly