Saturday, July 08, 2006

First Frog

Just realised that (shock, horror) I'd made it this far in my blog without a single frog photo! For those of you who aren't aware, frogs have always been one of my passions and a relatively frequent photographic subject. So, enter one of my favourite frogs. Doesn't it look ridiculous?

The pictured frog is Philoria kundagungan, commonly called the Yellow-bellied Mountain Frog. I found this individual at Cunningham's Gap in south-east Queensland and its distribution doesn't take it far afield from there. The group of frogs, 'Mountain frogs' that includes this species, is a bit strange; nowadays they all have small distributions and are associated with mountain tops, but fossils have been found at Riversleigh (in north-west Queensland), suggesting that these frogs had a larger distribution back in the day.

These frogs inhabit really wet leaf-litter habitats in and around mountain creek-beds, from whence you can hear their fart-like call. I was lucky to find this guy as my family and I were just passing through Cunningham's Gap and took a bushwalk during the day with the vague hope of finding one; this male obliged by calling as we were walking past. Posted by Picasa


huntervalley said...


Your knowledge of nature's little creatures is impressive, as is your photography. A photo with a description/story is infinately more enjoyable than just a photo.

Looking forward to regular updates.


Evan said...

He is absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me of Heleioporus in shape, but the colour is great. Philoria are near the top of the list of frogs I wish to see.

Love the blog, I am very glad to find an Australian, frog lover's blog.