Saturday, July 08, 2006

Red Triangle Slug

Triboniophorus graefii, a common native slug around Sydney; it extends north into southern Queensland and has some isolated populations here and there; for example it's famous at Mt Kaputar where it occurs in a pink form. Other forms are bright red, and a particularly beautiful form is mango yellow with a red triangle. Years ago, before I knew what it was, I found a yellow form in my garden and the memory of it has really stuck with me.
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Snail said...

David, this is a great idea! Wonderful photos. I'm bookmarking it. I'll be back.

Evan said...

I can't believe I keep coming across your blog! I was looking up info on this species, as I wanted to identify one I took a photo of.

Here are mine:

1 and 2

Anonymous said...

Dear David,
Have you seen a translucent white one?

We found one yesterday in the trunk of a terminally wilted Grevillea cv.

My partner rolled an almost rotted stem section towards me & I saw what I initially thought was some strange fungi.

In a couple of minutes I had a beautiful slug held gently in my gloved hand. It now resides in another decaying log.

I'm sure my gardening client thinks I'm off the planet as I insisted on showing her a slimey little beast that we had found in her garden.

Don't have a photo as am a bit of a ludite.

Glad there are are sites like yours,

Grubby Gardener

luckyteapot said...

I remember loads of these slugs coming out after rain when I was a kid. They liked climbing all over sandstone boulders.

Anonymous said...

i found one of these and was wondering what the hole that opens and closes in the triangle is for?