Sunday, August 27, 2006

Teaser - Subterranean beast

While on a walk at night recently I came upon a little beastie that happened to be active. It's a species that has a really interesting story to it, which I'll be spreading out over several posts. Or, at least, I'll show a few photos to get your interest up before revealing what it is. Unless someone guesses before that... Feel free to have a go. Posted by Picasa


Snail said...

Back to the inverts. Goodonya! (Not that the verts aren't cute, you understand.)

Anonymous said...


I can't seem to find even a suggestion of feeding parts on this beetle.



Anonymous said...

Just to throw my hat into the ring, is it a female stag beetle, Lucanidae?

(or even a boy well disguised?)

David Nelson said...

darky: you're on the right track (-:

mizmolly: you're not...

Dark Orange said...

How about a clue - is it bigger than a bread-box?