Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rain, spring and slugs

I'm not sure whether these slugs are active in winter, but last night I spotted this little blighter wandering across a wet leaf, and I'm going to take it as another 'sign of spring'. Yep, it's a Red-Triangle Slug (Triboniophorus graefei); I've shown some photos of the species in the past.

The difference is that this one's a juvenile which is in the process of losing the three dark longitudinal lines (juvenile colouration) and gaining the red triangle that's seen in adults.

Oh, and another sign of warmer weather here tonight - the sound of a little microbat flying over. Posted by Picasa


Snail said...

Ahem! That picture's not showing up for me ... Of all the images to miss out on!

David Nelson said...

Should be working now. Picasa is playing up and inserting addresses to files on my computer rather than uploading them and pointing to the web versions. So it always looks okay to me. Thanks for the heads-up.