Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Frog?

Litoria phyllochroa, Leaf Green TreefrogI've considered making a weekly frog theme, with an anuran species or photo 'featured'. But I probably couldn't be bothered to make sure I do it every week. So for (probably) today only, enjoy your frog of the week. (Golly, this is three frog posts and four vertebrate posts in a row!)

This frog is Litoria phyllochroa, the Leaf Green Treefrog. It's a small creek and stream dweller that I'm lucky enough to have quite near in my area. They call in the warmer months from vegetation fringing the water.

The taxonomy of the species and its close relatives are a bit confused at the moment. The problem is frogs in this group occur up the coast from right down south up into southern Queensland. And there have historically been problems with the names and type specimens and all that. There's nudidigitus in there somewhere. Fingers must be naked I suppose. There's pearsoniana floating around too. And don't forget barringtonensis.

Truth is I can't remember which is which (or if its resolved or not) and a quick literature search didn't give me the instant joy I was hoping for. I'll give it a bit more searching and try to get the picture straight.

But I'm pretty sure this one is phyllochroa. The type locality for phyllochroa is Sydney, so that helps.

In the meantime, enjoy your froggy friday.

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