Friday, September 15, 2006

Playing possum

Cercartetus nanus, Eastern Pygmy PossumI was very lucky last night while on a wander in the bush to come across one of these critters - it's an Eastern Pygmy Possum, Cercartetus nanus.

It's one of those animals where it's very hard to say how common they are, because even where they are in good numbers you just don't see them.

I spotted its eyeshine off in the heath and thought it was a treefrog, but moving in closer I was able to get a good look.

These little guys eat mainly nectar and pollen, though with some insects too depending on abundance. I liked this comment from here

"C. nanus
is able to catch flying insects with one paw"

I'd like to see that!


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joey said...

:) good stuff i have a photo somewhere of one on my fingers.... i confiscated it off someone who'd brought it over from kangaroo island for his kids :( we got him back to his colony on the island about 9 days later.... toooo cute.