Friday, October 13, 2006

On the nose

It's a busy time of the year with end of semester projects being wrapped up and assignment due dates looming. Don't even mention exams.

Took a break from research to grab some photos of a planthopper that I noticed in the garden. I believe this is a Dictyopharid planthopper in the superfamily Fulgoroidea. You really expect to find nostrils on the end of that snout, don't you?

Used the 50mm macro with extra extension to get this 'portrait' of a bug that's only about 10mm long.


Snail said...

Well worth the wait, David!

(And I won't mention exams. I don't want to know about them ...)

Anonymous said...

Hi David
Great pics, good luck in Exams
Mrs J...CHS

huntervalley said...

David, just catching up on your blog and I am amazed and delighted by the nature you are sharing.