Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Frog - Yum!

Litoria peronii, Perons Treefrog, eating a grapevine moth caterpillarWe get a yearly plague of Grapevine moth caterpillars on our ornamental grape. I spotted this Peron's Treefrog (Litoria peronii) just outside our front door just a few minutes ago chowing down on one of the little guys.

Personally I reckon this image should qualify for cute overload, what do you think?

(I have some other images of the frog acting very clumsily but endearingly if you think they'd be better...)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, show us the rest!

amegilla said...

Well, there's an angle you don't see every day on a charismatic megafauna icon!

I also remember those grapevine hawkmoth caterpillars all to well. Clever you to have the pest controllers in.