Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Portrait of a dwarf treefrog

Dwarf Treefrog, Litoria fallax/bicolorThis little guy came in yesterday through the frog rescue service. They're commonly transported around the country in fruit and vegetables.

They're also exceedingly cute little frogs. Their diminutive size of only around 25 mm earns them the common name of 'Dwarf Treefrogs'. There are two species that look almost identical: Litoria fallax and L. bicolor, the former occurring up the east coast to Cairns, the latter from there around the north coast and into WA. I'm not entirely confident about what species this one is, though I can supposedly measure the head width: body length ratio to find out for sure.

1 comment:

Snail said...

You could measure it. Or you could wait for it to call.

Try playing it a recording from the frog site and see which one it responds to.

(Caveat: I have no idea if this would work.)